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22.5″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw


  • 7.5 HP 3 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor
  • 50/60 HZ
  • 208, 230, 460 or 575 volt motor
  • 8” depth of cut
  • Automatic electronic brake
  • Manual chain crank crossfeed
  • Manual hand crank for refined carriage control
  • Adjustable crosscut stop
  • Base column lock
  • E-Stop
  • Standard lower elevation on front of frame
  • T-Slot Extruded Metal Table
  • VFD (variable feed drive) technology
  • Complete upper and lower blade guards
  • Standard work table height 34 ½ ″
  • Made in USA


22.5″ Super Duty Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw is the ultimate workhorse of the metal industry.

22.5″ Metal Cutting Saws are capable of operating 2 to 3 shifts per day in an industrial setting with the versatility to cut the following:

  • crosscut
  • bevel cut
  • miter cut
  • compound miter cut

22.5″ Super Duty Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws can cut 8″ deep in a single pass and have a crosscut capacity of 16″ or 24″, depending on the chosen model. This powerful 900-pound machine will withstand years of industrial cutting.

Specifically, industrial companies use this saw to easily cut through fiberglass, aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and plastics. Join Radial Arm Saws with both Original Saw Company’s Saw Extension Tables and Saw Measuring Systems to create a complete cutting solution.  

We pride ourselves in manufacturing an American-made product. 

From the motor to the heavy cast iron arm, the Super Duty Series Radial Arm Saw is a reliable machine for years to come. Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws are made from the following:

  • Cast and ductile iron construction provide a vibration-free operation. 
  • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel forms the legs and frame. 
  • With a TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motor and automatic electronic brake, this radial arm saw has the best cut quality in its class.
  • This series of the radial arm saw features a T-slot aluminum extruded table. The aluminum extrusion holds manual clamps that slide on the rail. In summary, this upgraded table provides strength and support for heavy cutting.

Do you have the capability to run 3 phase power at your location? 

If so, the 22.5″ Metal Cutting Saw is the model you want. 3 phase power creates a smoother motor start-up. Consequently, with no relays or capacitors inside the motor, there tends to be less maintenance and longer service life.

22.5″ Metal Cutting Saws utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the arbor motor

The 22.5″ Radial Arm Saw model in the Metal Cutting series features VFD technology. Using the VFD increases the speed of the blade by over 8 seconds. Because of the VFD, this saw has a slower, smoother start-up. The VFD also slows and stops the saw over approximately 25 seconds to allow for consistent braking times. 

Recent updates to this model include the following:

  • A start/stop button on the left front edge of the table supplies additional accessibility.
  • The E-stop became a standard feature. An E-Stop is a safety mechanism to shut off machinery in an emergency. This switch stops the operation of the Radial Arm Saw. As a result, it shuts off all potential hazards outside the saw’s power enclosure.
  • Redesigned extended elevating cranks provide easy elevation.
  • Lastly, multiple table options are available. 


Additional information

Weight 1050 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 52 × 48 in

7.5 hp 3 phase TEFC (totally enclosed, fan cooled) motor

Product Length (Inches)


Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)

Cuttable Material

, , , , , , ,

Can do the following cuts

, , ,

Max Crosscut


Max Depth Cut

Capable of Rip Cuts

Voltage Options

, , ,

Phases of Voltage Available

Pneumatic Clamping Ability?

Powered Feed Option?

Ordering & Shipping

Manufacturing of Radial Arm Saws happens after the customer orders. Machines are considered custom and are made voltage specific. If you are unsure about the power requirements of your location, please get in touch with an electrician.

Because some cutting applications are custom and specific, our team may contact you about your purchase. It is our priority to build a saw that fits our customers’ needs.

Radial Arm Saws are assembled and tested in our facility. After being test run, the saw is packaged and placed on a skid. The legs are attached to the skid. This makes setup and installation easy.

When the Radial Arm Saw is delivered, simply:

  1. Lift the machine
  2. Install the legs
  3. Wire in the mag starter
  4. Install the saw blade of your choice


These machines have provided affordable metal cutting in thousands of workshops and manufacturing companies throughout the world. Count on everyday repeatability and accuracy for years to come.


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This 22.5" Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw can cut materials such as:

  • aluminum
  • steel
  • brass
  • bronze
  • plastics
  • fiberglass

This saw is perfect for cutting extrusions and profiles. They can make several kinds of cuts.

For example: The Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw will crosscut, miter, bevel and do compound miter work, all within one saw.

These industries use our 22.5" Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws:

  • Extrusion companies
  • Sign manufacturers
  • Aluminum window and door manufacturers
  • Hollow metal door operations Metal decking manufacturers
  • Metal roof manufacturers
  • Fenestration industries
  • Glass and glazing industry

This Metal Cutter holds several advantages over other saws in the industry.

  • It is able to cut large sized material.
  • It can also cut a large volume of pieces at one time.

Original Saw Company offers three types of operation for Radial Arm Saws.


  • Manual Operation – Standard Radial Arm Saws are powered by the operator.  The operator pulls the handle and the blade moves forward radially to make the cut.  Manual operation is a standard feature on all Contractor and Heavy Duty Series Radial Arm Saws.
  • Hand Crank Operation – Hand Cranks are used instead of Manual Operation for better carriage control.  This operation is ideal for cutting large timbers, metal cutting applications, and heavy dado work.  Hand Crank Operation is available on 22.5” Super Duty Radial Arm Saws and all Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation – Add an electronic powered cross feed to a Radial Arm Saw for semi-automatic operation.  Push the button on the front side of the Radial Arm Saw and the blade will cut through the material and automatically return to the home position.  This operation is currently available on all Super Duty Series models and Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws.


Our team has years of cutting experience.  Contact us for recommendations about clamping, feeding material, and complete automatic sawing packages. 

Blade Options for 22.5″ Metal Cutting Saw:

Saw Accessories

Saw Parts


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Do You Need Test Cuts?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?

Ask about sending in a material sample to Original Saw. We will cut your material on our shop saw and make a video. Afterwards, you can review the videoed test cuts and make informed decisions. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable with your solutions before your purchase.

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Compatible Saw Accessories

Super Duty Metal Cutting Saws are much more than radial arm saws. When paired with optional equipment, they are a platform for a wide variety of cut-off work.