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Miter Saw Stand


A stationary machine stand can support a miter saw, planers, hinge machines, pocket hole machines, 3-D printers, and other tabletop machines.

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Advantages of a Miter Saw Stand:

  • Legs manufactured from heavy-duty 12 and 14 gauge formed steel
  • Tabletop and braces with a silver powder coat finish
  • Gloss black powder coat on the legs
  • Pre-drilled 1 1/8″ thick MDF mounting board to mount to the steel tabletop. The MDF top allows the saw to attach to the stand.
  • Universal design allows it to work with various brands of miter saws
  • American made
  • Miter saw not included

Additional information

Weight 144 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 40 × 18 in
Machine Specs

29 1/2" wide, 27" deep, 33" tall

Product Length (Inches)

Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)


Miter Saw Stands are boxed for shipping. When you receive your Miter Saw Stand, assembly is straightforward. Set-up instructions included. Personalized, U.S.-based customer service is available over the phone at (800) 733-4063.

Miter Saw Stands are an in-stock item and can generally be shipped out 2-3 days after placing the order. They can be shipped by UPS or by freight truck.

Contact Original Saw Company at (800) 733-4063 or for a freight quote.

OS Series Miter Saw Stand Manual


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A Miter Saw Stand is a platform that provides a solid work surface for a miter saw or other tabletop machine. Give a miter saw a place to land with an Original Saw Company’s Miter Saw Stand.

Miter Saw Stands are stationary fixtures in work areas. This stationary stand is manufactured for the commercial and industrial setting.

Original Saw’s promise is quality and stability. Featuring industrial-grade construction, a Miter Saw Stand is a steady and stable platform. There’s no room for wobbling when making necessary cuts on Original Saw’s Miter Saw Stand.

This Miter Saw Stand pairs well with the Original Saw Company’s Saw Extension Tables and Saw Measuring Systems.

With matchless flexibility, a Miter Saw Stand can provide a workspace for most tabletop machines. The ideal height of this stand makes it work well for various devices such as planers, hinge machines, pocket hole machines, and even 3D Printers.


Find Miter Saw Stands in carpentry shops, cabinet shops, school industrial arts programs, home hobby shops, lumber yards, appliance manufacturing plants, wood shops, crating departments, pipe fitting factories, furniture manufacturing settings, and many more settings.

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