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Wood Cutting Radial Arm Saws

Original Saw Company produces quality, American-made radial arm saws.

These wood cutting machines are capable of a wide variety of applications. Use the saw to make straight cuts, miter cuts, compound miter cuts and beveling, as well as dado operations. Learn More

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Max Depth of Cut
Max Crosscut
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Phases of Voltage
Voltage Options
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Manual and Semi-Automatic Wood Cutting Radial Arm Saws

Radial Arm Saws – Repeatable, Consistent Cuts for Year to Come

Original Saw Company’s Wood Cutting Radial Arm Saw is the powerhouse of the woodcutting industry. Featuring unparalleled industrial quality and power, the Radial Arm Saw is the cutting tool for generations to come.

This Radial Arm Saw is well suited for custom cabinet shops, home hobby shops, school vocational programs, crating departments, cruise ships, lumberyards, home centers, manufacturing plants, pre-fabricated housing manufacturers, door companies, and truss plants, and many other industries.

Radial arm saws are fully assembled and tested in Original Saw Company’s facility. After being test run, the legs are removed and boxed, the saw is packaged and placed on a skid, and the legs are attached to the skid. This makes setup for customers a snap. When the saw is delivered, simply:

  • Lift up the machine.
  • Install the legs.
  • Wire in the mag starter.
  • Install the saw blade of your choice.

These machines have proven themselves in thousands of manufacturing companies throughout the world. Count on everyday repeatability and accuracy for years to come.

We make motors for all our machines manufactured in our Northern Iowa facility. Producing our own motors lets us hold a high level of quality in our machines.

Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are made with cooling ducts. These cooling ducts move air through the motor laminations. Due to the ducts, the laminations stay cool. Having an enclosed motor keeps the internal part of the motor sealed from dust and contamination.

In addition our motors also offer the added benefit of an integrated electro-mechanical brake system. The brake system continues to operate even if the power drops out. Electronic brake systems can not compete with the durability or reliability of our electro-mechanical brake systems.

We manufacture Original Saw Company Radial Arm Saws using high-quality iron and aluminum cast construction. These castings provide a rigid, vibration-free cutting platform. It allows the saw to perform many different operations.

Most importantly, we can proudly say our machines are the best in the industry. Many of the machines we produce today will be around for generations.

Jim doing the final assembly on a radial arm saw.

At Original Saw Company, we build our own custom electrical panels. Panels are built specifically for our machinery and can be certified for the North American market.

We can build certified panels that meet CSA (Canada) and UL508A (United States) standards. Original Saw Company’s panel shop is certified by ETL labs to meet specifications.

There are several advantages to having a UL-listed panel shop onsite.

The first advantage is quality control. Our panel makers build and perform quality control inspections at our location, which helps control costs. Original Saw can also build panels for various voltages for the overseas markets. Standard panels control the machine and feature low voltage controls, over current thermal protection, and an E-Stop.

Customized panel solutions allow additional items to be utilized in control panels, such as hour meters to track the arbor motor run time. Making our panels enables custom solutions for blade speed when cutting various materials or for large blade sizes.

Safety is always the first priority when working with any type of tool. Download these sheets about safety and display them near your radial arm saw. The sheets can assist you when identifying potential hazards and conducting safety inspections.

Safety inspections conducted using workplace safety inspection checklists can help thoroughly assess the safety of the equipment and address hazards that could lead to costly, but preventable work-related incidents.

Safety Tips and Checklist

  1. Radial-Arm-Saw-Safety-Tips
  2. Radial-Arm-Saw-Safety-Checklist


Blade guarding

Do You Need Test Cuts?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?

Ask about sending in a material sample to Original Saw. We will cut your material on our shop saw and make a video. Afterwards, you can review the videoed test cuts and make informed decisions. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable with your solutions before your purchase.

Would you like to send us your material?

Email us at or call at (800) 733-4063 to start the process.