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Saw Selection

Let us help you choose the correct saw for your cutting application.  Are you cutting wood or metal?  What is the size of material being cut?  There are many factors to consider when choosing what is right for you. 

DeWalt Radial Arm Saws

DeWalt Radial Arm Saws of the past are a legend in the workshop.  As an “ancestor and predecessor” of the Original Saw Radial Arm Saw, these machines stood the test of time.

Saw Replacement Parts

20" Steel Crosscut Blade for Radial Arm Saws and Beam Saws

Every so often, parts need to be replaced on a machine.  Some replacement parts can be ordered online.

Saw Manuals

Saw manual contain information about the warranty, safety bulletins, parts diagrams and more.  Look here for current and past manuals.

Saw Videos 

Semi Automatic Crosscut Power Saw cutting multiple pieces of plastic tubing.

Learn about operations, features, blades and accessories in our video library.


Cover of Contractor Duty Radial Arm Saw brochure

Download the latest brochures and stay in the loop on all product updates.  Compare saw models and accessories to make an informed decision about your purchase.