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Woodcutting Radial Arm Saw Models

Original Saw Company produces quality, American-made radial arm saws. These wood cutting machines are capable of a wide variety of applications. Use the saw to make straight cuts, miter cuts, compound miter cuts and beveling, as well as dado operations.

Crosscut Power Saws

We developed the Crosscut Power Saws in our Northern Iowa facility to safely and effectively make simple crosscuts. These saws easily cut wood, wood products, composite material and plastics and make crosscuts of up to 18″.  

All cutting is done safely inside of a cutting box under a Lexan polycarbonate top. While the saw is in operation, the machine pulls the sawdust back into the machine. Next, the dust port removes the dust on the back side of the frame. It is the perfect combination of efficiency, precision and safety.

Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws

Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws are able to do a wide variety of cut-off work. Make cuts through aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, plastics, and fiberglass. Not only can the Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw make straight cuts, some models can also do miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound miter cuts.

These Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws are available as manual or semi-automatic models.

Original Saw Beam Saw

The Horizontal Beam Saw is an important tool to boost production. Weighing in at 1500 pounds, it is made of cast iron, cast aluminum, a box tubing beam, and a steel frame. Due to its durability, this hefty machine can be used two to three work shifts per day in an industrial setting.

In addition to the many hours this saw can “work”, it has the ability to make long 64″ crosscuts. Its powerful motor lets the Beam Saw cut several pieces of material at a time. When the Electronic Powered Cross Feed is added to the Beam Saw, it becomes a semi-automatic machine.  Include a Pneumatic Clamping System to further customize the cutting process.

Radial Arm Saws.
Beam Saws.
Crosscut Power Saws.

Original Saw Company is the industry leader in American made cutting equipment.

We manufacture Radial Arm Saws, Beam Saws, Crosscut Power Saws, Saw Extension Tables, Saw Measuring Systems and Miter Saw Stands.