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Add a Mist Coolant System to a Radial Arm Saw or Beam Saw when cutting non-ferrous material like aluminum.

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Mist Coolant Systems Provide Better Non-Ferrous Cutting Experiences

Mist Coolant Systems are an add-on feature on all Metal Cutting Super Duty Series Saws and Beam Saws. They provide lubrication when cutting non-ferrous material like aluminum and, most importantly, extend the life of the saw blade.

The Mist Coolant System is a three-part system that works with a siphon delivery system. It contains a 7″ flexible plastic nozzle, plastic tank, mounting bracket, and independent air and coolant controls for variable spray delivery. 

Additionally, the Mist Coolant System requires compressed air for use.

If used with a Pneumatic Clamping System, the switch from the pneumatic clamps will also control the Mist Coolant System.

Benefits of Using a Mist Coolant System

Using a Mist Coolant for cutting non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum, brass, copper, and plastics, is common in machining and metal working. Mist Coolant, often called cutting fluid or cutting oil, is applied as a fine mist or aerosol during machining. 

Benefits of using Original Saw Company’s Mist Coolant System include: 

  1. Heat Reduction: Non-ferrous materials can generate significant heat during cutting operations. Mist Coolant helps reduce this heat, stopping the material and cutting tool from getting too hot. Heat reduction can extend tool life and improve machining accuracy.
  2. Chip Evacuation: Mist Coolant aids chip evacuation by lubricating the cutting tool’s contact with the extrusion. This lubrication results in more efficient chip removal. It will also reduce the risk of chips getting in the with the cutting process or causing damage to the saw.
  3. Surface Finish: A Mist Coolant System can improve the surface finish of non-ferrous materials by reducing friction between the tool and the material. Friction reduction leads to smoother cuts and less surface roughness.
  4. Extended Tool Life: By lessening heat and friction, Original Saw Company’s Mist Coolant System can extend the life of Radial Arm Saws and Beam Saws, saving you money on tool replacements.
  5. Reduction in Built-Up Edge (BUE): Non-ferrous materials are prone to BUE, where material adheres to the cutting tool. Mist Coolant can help ease BUE formation, making the machining process more consistent.
  6. Improved Dimensional Accuracy: Maintaining a steady temperature and reducing heat-related distortion can lead to more precise machining. It also provides better dimensional accuracy in the cuts.

Application Tips:

  1. Proper Concentration: Mix the Mist Coolant to the appropriate concentration. Using the correct concentration ensures effective cooling and lubrication.
  2. Adequate Coverage: Position the mist coolant nozzles or applicators to provide uniform cutting tool and workpiece coverage. Good coverage helps ensure steady cooling and lubrication across the entire machining area.
  3. Monitoring: Regularly monitor the coolant concentration, flow rate, and nozzle condition to maintain adequate performance. Clean or replace clogged nozzles as needed.
  4. Safety: Be aware that mist coolant may contain chemicals, so it’s important to follow safety guidelines, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, gloves, and respiratory protection if necessary.
  5. Environmental Considerations: Dispose of used coolant properly and in compliance with local regulations. Some mist coolants may have environmental restrictions, so be aware of the impact and follow disposal guidelines.

In summary, Mist Coolant Systems for cutting non-ferrous materials offers several benefits, including heat reduction, longer tool life, better surface finish, and enhanced dimensional accuracy. However, following proper application and safety guidelines is important to maximize the advantages and have a safe and environmentally responsible machining process.

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in
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Compatible with

16″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 64″ crosscut), 16″ Beam Saw (single phase with 64″ crosscut), 16″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw, 20″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 62″ crosscut), 20″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw, 22.5″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 60″ crosscut), 22.5″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw


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