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Electronic Powered Cross Feed


Add an Electronic Powered Cross Feed to a saw and convert it from manual to semi-automatic use.

Electronic Powered Cross Feed Systems require factory installation and need to be ordered at the same time as the saw.

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Which Industries Take Advantage of the Electronic Powered Cross Feed?

Semi-automatic operation is popular in metal cutting and larger wood cutting applications.  Curtain wall, sign manufacturing, the fenestration industry, metal awnings, metal roofing, post and beam manufactured home companies, and various wood and metal specialty industries use large saws equipped with an Electronic Powered Cross Feed in day to day operations.

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Compatible with

16″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 64″ crosscut), 16″ Beam Saw (single phase with 64″ crosscut), 16″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw, 16″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw, 20″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 62″ crosscut), 20″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw, 20″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw, 22.5″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 60″ crosscut), 22.5″ Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw, 22.5″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw

An Electronic Powered Cross Feed is an option for Super Duty Radial Arm Saws, all Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws and Beam Saws.

The Electronic Powered Cross Feed requires factory installation and is not sold separately.


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Installation of an Electronic Powered Cross Feed on a saw will convert it from manual operation to semi-automatic operation.

When using a manual saw, the user pulls the carriage through the material that is being cut.

Operating a semi-automatic saw is different.  Adding an Electronic Powered Cross Feed to a saw allows it to work with the push of a button.

The control panel is separate from the saw and sits on a tripod near the machine.  When the saw is upgraded to semi-automatic operation, the control panel includes:

  • Arbor motor start/stop station
  • E-stop
  • Carriage forward and reverse buttons
  • Variable speed adjustments
  • On/Off lighted selector switch

Customers frequently add Pneumatic Clamping, along with the Electronic Powered Cross Feed, to a saw purchase.  The pneumatic controls are mounted on the tripod stand when ordered with Pneumatic Clamping.

  • Speed adjustment – Provide the optimum feed rate with the addition of the Electronic Powered Cross Feed.  Use a slower speed when cutting thicker material or dado cutting.  Increase the speed for thinner or softer material.   Most importantly, an Electronic Powered Cross Feed assures uniform cuts and maximum blade utilization for efficient cutting. Proper speed optimizes cut surface finish.
  • Length of carriage travel – The length of the cut, or carriage travel, can be adjusted by the cam stops.  Cam stops are located on the side of the arm.  Easily adjust the length of the cut cycle by moving the cam stop. For example, when making repeated 4″ cuts, set the cam stop at 5″.  Reducing the carriage travel saves precious manufacturing time.
  • Automates processes – Save time and money.  Reduce labor and minimize operator fatigue.

An Electronic Powered Cross Feed is a specialized operation and requires factory installation.  Original Saw Company considers the type of material being cut, the travel speed of the carriage, and power requirements when customizing a saw.  Due to the complexity of this process, contact Original Saw Company for recommendations and to request a quote.

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