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Saw Measuring Systems

A History of Delivering Reliability and Accuracy in Cutting

A Saw Measuring System is commonly used to make accurate measurements when cutting with a variety of saws. Heavy-duty, ribbed aluminum extrusions make up the rail portion of the measuring system. These extrusions are cut to standard lengths. The size of the measuring system is varied so there is flexibility when choosing the size to fit your work area. Learn More

Length of Measuring System
Length of Measuring System
Length of Measuring System
Length of Measuring System

What Is A Saw Measuring System?

Saw Measuring Systems can be used on the infeed side, outfeed side, or both. When using a measuring system, the measurement starts from the blade and measures out to the end of the measuring system. This is true whether you use measuring systems on the infeed or outfeed side.

  • If you want to measure on the right side of your saw, order the part number with a -R. This will give you a left to right read from the blade to the end of the measuring system.
  • If the measuring system will be installed on the left side, use the -L part number. Installing on the left side of the machine gives you a right to left measurement reading.

These industrial-grade measuring systems are a tough, sturdy addition to your shop.

Saw Measuring Systems are used across America in a variety of settings. If you go to your local Home Depot or some other national home centers to have some boards cut, you will notice an Original Saw Company radial arm saw. This saw is used to custom cut lumber in most stores. Attached to the saws are extension tables with Saw Measuring Systems.

Many measuring systems are also used by school industrial arts programs, carpentry shops, cabinet shops, home hobby shops, lumber yards, manufacturing plants, wood shops, crating departments, pipe fitting factories, furniture manufacturing companies, sign companies, aluminum commercial storefront manufacturers and many more settings.

Original Saw Company expanded and redesigned its line of accessories in 2010 to include Saw Measuring Systems. Prior to that, Original Saw Company’s accessory line only included Roller Saw Extension Tables. It was a logical addition to pairing Saw Measuring Systems with Roller Saw Extension Tables and the newly designed Flat Saw Extension Tables. Saw Measuring Systems quickly became an important addition to wood shops, schools and home centers across America.

Today, many Saw Measuring Systems are purchased to complement saws, miter saw stands and extension tables.

Saw Measuring System with a Flip Stop

  • Work smarter, not harder! Adding a Saw Measuring System to your cutting station increases productivity. Make that cut over and over again without stopping to measure. 
  • Durability is key. Manufactured from aluminum extrusions in combination with heavy gauge steel, these sturdy Saw Measuring Systems withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Easy setup. The Saw Measuring System sits on the back of an extension table. Simply bolt the measuring system to the table through the t-slot on the bottom of the aluminum extrusion and line up the extrusion with the fence on your saw. Original Saw’s Roller and Flat Extension Tables have pre-punched holes and are ready to accept our Saw Measuring Systems.
  • Add a Saw Measuring System to tables you are building. When building your own tables, drill holes in the table to mount the Saw Measuring System.
  • Versatility! Saw Measuring Systems fit with a variety of machines. Use them to make repeatable cuts on a radial arm saw, crosscut power saw, beam saw or a miter saw on a miter saw stand.
  • One of the biggest advantages is VALUE. Increase your output by reducing time spent measuring stock. It speeds up important processes and production.

Original Saw Company manufactures two types of sliders for Saw Measuring Systems. They are available in a fixed foot style or a flip foot style. 

Saw Measuring System kits include:

  • Extruded aluminum rail
  • Sliding assembly with lens
  • Adjustable aluminum foot
  • End plates for the rail
  • Precision measuring tape

Make the Saw Measuring System fit your work area. Available in 4’, 6’ or 8’ sections, these sections can be connected to create 12’, 16’, 24’ and 32’ lengths. 

Sometimes you don’t need a whole measuring system. When measuring isn’t necessary, you have the option to buy an aluminum extrusion rail. If all measuring is required on one side of the saw only, order a Saw Measuring System for the measurement side and an aluminum extrusion rail for the other side. The rail acts as a fence and keeps the material on the table. The rail also helps square material with the blade. Fence rails are available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ sections.

If Saw Measuring Systems are purchased at the same time as a saw, the measuring systems will be shipped with the saw via freight truck. Lead time on saws with Saw Measuring Systems is generally 3-4 weeks. Saw Measuring Systems can also be ordered without a saw. They are an in stock item and can be shipped out 2-3 days after the order is placed.

Saw Measuring Systems can be shipped by UPS or by freight truck, depending on the size and number of measuring systems ordered.

To ship measuring systems more cost effectively, we offer the 8’, 12’ and 16’ lengths with a “cut and boxed” option that can ship UPS instead of a freight truck. All lengths are cut to 4’ and then packaged in 4’ boxes. When ordering those lengths, look for the part numbers that say -CB.

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These are In Stock Items. As a result, they can be shipped out within 2-3 days after the order is placed.

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