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16" Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw


  • 5″ depth of cut
  • Carriage return spring
  • Adjustable cross cut stop
  • E-Stop
  • Oversized MDF table top
  • Automatic blade braking system
  • Carriage rides on 8 wide-contact double row ball bearings, which provides smooth vibration-free travel
  • Arbor nut and precision ground blade collars
  • Standard work table height 33″
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lower blade guard that provides full coverage
  • Made in USA

Frequently Bought Together

16" Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw - Model 3536-01 + + 16" General Purpose Blade for Radial Arm Saws, Crosscut Power Saws and Beam Saws
Price for all three: $8,685.15


Our Heavy-Duty Series wood cutting saws are the best in the industry.

16″ Heavy Duty Series wood cutting saws feature 5 horsepower motors and are capable of handling industrial wood cutting environments.

The versatility of the Heavy Duty Series makes it well suited for use in:

  • Custom cabinet shops
  • School tech departments
  • Lumberyards
  • Creating departments
  • Home centers
  • Packaging departments
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Or the serious woodshop

Original Saw Company Radial Arm Saws are capable of a wide variety of wood cutting operations including:

  • crosscutting
  • miter cutting
  • bevel cutting
  • compound miter cuts
  • dado operations
  • and rip cuts (with added-on rip kit)

It is a smooth cutting saw that has a rigid feel and is capable of making accurate and repeated cuts.

Our American-made saws are built in our Northern Iowa facility with American castings and motors.  These radial arm saws weigh in at a massive 500 pounds and are constructed of cast iron and aluminum for vibration-free operation.

Original Saw Company Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saws are much more than a radial arm saw. They are a stable cutting platform for many crosscutting and dado operations. Our saws can be outfitted with our Saw Extension Tables and Saw Measuring Systems for safe support and measurement of your material.

Recent Upgrades to the Heavy Duty Series Include:

  • High-density polyethylene lower guard that provides full coverage
  • Accessible start/stop button on the left front edge of the table
  • E-stop is now a standard feature
  • New elevating cranks
  • New upper guard housing
  • Multiple table options
  • Swivels to rip with the optional rip kit

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 50 × 48 in

5 HP 3 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor

Product Length (Inches)


Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)

Cuttable Material


Max Crosscut


Max Depth Cut

Can do the following cuts

, , , , ,

Capable of Rip Cuts

Voltage Options

, , ,

Phases of Voltage Available

Pneumatic Clamping Ability?

Powered Feed Option?

Ordering & Shipping

Manufacturing of Radial Arm Saws happens after the customer orders. Machines are considered custom and are made voltage specific. If you are unsure about the power requirements of your location, please get in touch with an electrician.

Because some cutting applications are custom and specific, our team may contact you about your purchase. It is our priority to build a saw that fits our customers’ needs.

Radial Arm Saws are assembled and tested in our facility. After being test run, the saw is packaged and placed on a skid. The legs are attached to the skid. This makes setup and installation easy.

When the Radial Arm Saw is delivered, simply:

  • Lift the machine
  • Install the legs
  • Wire in the mag starter
  • Install the saw blade of your choice


These machines have provided affordable metal cutting in thousands of workshops and manufacturing companies throughout the world. Count on everyday repeatability and accuracy for years to come.

14″/16″ Radial Arm Saw Type 5 – Models 3531-01, 3536-01, 3531-03, 3536-03 and Models 3541, 3546


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Do you have a remodeling project or a passion for DIY? Visit your local big box store to have lumber cut to custom length. Original Saw’s 16″ Heavy Duty Series Radial Arm Saws are located in the lumber department of a wide variety of home stores. Home Depot locations throughout the United States and Canada and many west coast Lowe’s stores are equipped with our radial arm saw, saw roller extension tables and saw measuring systems.  Let our saws do the hard work for you!

Table variety is the key when it comes to 16″ Radial Arm Saws.  Choose from the following:

  1. Oversized MDF Table – This is the standard table for radial arm saws.
  2. Oversized MDF Table with manual clamps – Aluminum extruded t-slot tracks are routed into the MDF table.  The manual clamps are set in the tracks.
  3. ECS (Enclosed Cutting Surface) Table for 16″ Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saws with a 16″ crosscut ONLY – For enhanced safety, choose an ECS Table. This table is manufactured from formed steel.  It replaces the standard MDF table top and bolts to the saw frame.  The ECS Table features:
    • Laser blade path indicator
    • HDPE side clamps secure the material and safely enclose the cutting area. Enclosing the cutting area also helps with saw dust collection.
    • Standard control panel includes start/stop switch and an E-Stop switch. Upgrade the control panel and install an hour meter and a limiting access keypad.
    • 2 HDPE blade inserts surround the blade and provide clearance to limit blade contact with the steel table.
    • An integrated 4″ dust collection hook up

Blades are sold separately from the saw.

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Do You Need Test Cuts?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?

Ask about sending in a material sample to Original Saw. We will cut your material on our shop saw and make a video. Afterwards, you can review the videoed test cuts and make informed decisions. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable with your solutions before your purchase.

Would you like to send us your material?

Email us at or call at (800) 733-4063 to start the process.

Compatible Saw Accessories

Original Saw Company Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saws are much more than a radial arm saw. They are a stable cutting platform for many crosscutting and dado operations. Our saws can be outfitted with our Saw Extension Tables and Saw Measuring Systems for safe support and measurement of your material.