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How To Increase Cutting Efficiency with a Beam Saw

Beam Saws - Cutting Large Material Made Easy

Everyone wants their business to operate efficiently.  In this cutting episode of Small Business Talks, Dave Brown from The Original Saw Company sat down to discuss Beam Saws. Dave dives into the advantages of beam saws, explaining their superior platform, stability, and exceptional cross-cut capabilities. We delve into the practical applications for businesses, both large and small, emphasizing the beam saw’s ability in cutting a variety of materials.

Dave also touches on the importance of the right tooling, offering insights into cutting materials beyond just wood. From power requirements to the nuances of manual vs. electronic powered crossfeeds. Plus, get valuable tips on maintaining your beam saw to ensure longevity and precision with every cut.

Beam Saw with a remote start/stop button.

Beam Saws are a crucial tool to boost production. Cast iron, cast aluminum, box tubing beam, and a steel frame create the body of the 1,500-pound Beam Saw.

Industrial manufacturing companies use this hefty machine for shift work, operating two to three shifts daily in an industrial setting.  Beam Saws are frequently found in the following industries:

  • Curtain wall
  • Logging
  • Trusses
  • Aluminum windows and doors
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Metal decking
  • Awning
  • Metal roofing

In addition to the many hours this saw can “work,” it can make long 64″ cross cuts. Its powerful motor lets the Beam Saw cut several pieces of material simultaneously. Add an Electronic Powered Cross Feed on the Beam Saw, and it becomes a semi-automatic machine. Include a Pneumatic Clamping System to customize the cutting process further.

The Beam Saw comes standard with a manual chain crank carriage feed and a T-slot extruded metal table with manual clamps. Simply push the button to cut.

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