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Fence Rail Kits


Fence Rail Kits include:

  • Extruded aluminum rail
  • End plates for the rail
  • Required hardware to connect rail sections (if applicable)
  • Mounting hardware
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Sometimes you don’t need a whole measuring system. When measuring isn’t necessary, you have the option to buy an aluminum extrusion rail.

If all measuring is required on one side of the saw only, order a Saw Measuring System for the measurement side and an aluminum extrusion rail for the other side. The rail acts as a fence and keeps the material on the table. The rail also helps square material with the blade.

Fence rails are available in 4’, 6’, and 8’ sections. Customers can order the 8′ Fence Rail Kit as one 8′ rail or two 4′ rails as a “cut and boxed” option.  The cut and boxed option allows for more cost-effective UPS shipments.

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