When crosscutting with a radial arm saw, remember the following:

  • Hold wood against fence with left hand – pull saw with right hand.
  • Do not use the “anti-kick-back” as a handle to pull saw through the wood.  Use the handle on the saw yoke casting assembly.
  • Do not add any pieces of wood in front of fence except temporarily to cut through 4×4’s or larger stock.
  • Do not pull the saw blade further out than required to completely sever the wood. Use the adjustable arm stop to limit length of travel.
  • Do not let motor/saw assembly return rapidly to the back after making a cut.
  • Do not force saw through material when cross cutting.
  • Always properly adjust and tighten adjustable safety crosscut stop before cutting.

If you are ripping, use these suggested safety tips:

  • Become familiar with both settings for ripping – “in rip” and “out rip.”
  • Set anti-kick-back device to make contact with wood when rip cutting.
  • Always rip with the material firmly against and following the saw fence.
  • Use a “push stick” to guide wood past blade – avoid passing hand close to rotating blade.
  • Always feed material against the direction of blade rotation. This is easily remembered by entering the material into the back side of the saw motor and guard assembly and exiting the front side of the assembly.
  • Do not utilize next board to be ripped as a push stick to clear blade. Always clear blade with a push stick before attempting to saw another board.
  • Do not force feed material through saw when ripping.  Allow saw to maintain maximum RPM at all times.

This information can be displayed near your radial arm saw.  Use it to identify potential hazards.

Safety is always important when working with any type of tool.  Would you like a copy of these tips?  These radial arm saw safety tips are available to download on the Jones Machinery site.

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