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Beam Saw HDPE Black Plastic Table Insert Kit


Beam Saw models come standard with T-slot extruded metal tables.  Add durable HDPE table inserts for cutting smaller pieces.  Factory installation required.

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Beam Saw HDPE Black Plastic Table Insert Kits create a solid cutting surface. Original Saw Company’s workhorse, the Beam Saw, comes standard with a T-slot aluminum extrusion table.

When cutting smaller pieces, add a set of HDPE table inserts.  HDPE inserts are available for all Beam Saw models.  These inserts slide between the aluminum extrusion rails of the table to make a solid cutting surface.

HDPE is a versatile, strong plastic that has high impact resistance.

Installation of the Beam Saw HDPE Black Plastic Table Insert Kit happens during manufacturing.  Due to this process, the insert kit must be ordered when the Beam Saw is purchased.

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Compatible with

16″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 64″ crosscut), 16″ Beam Saw (single phase with 64″ crosscut), 20″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 62″ crosscut), 22.5″ Beam Saw (3 phase with 60″ crosscut)


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