Safety Tips for Radial Arm Saws

Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw

SAFETY IS ALWAYS A PRIORITY WHEN WORKING WITH CUTTING EQUIPMENT. When crosscutting with a radial arm saw, remember the following: Hold wood against the fence with left hand – pull saw with the right hand. Do not use the “anti-kick-back” as a handle to pull the saw through the wood.  Use the handle on the […]

Saws for Metal Cutting, IWF Connect & Dave

22.5" Super Duty Radial Arm Saw (3 phase with 16" crosscut)

Test Cuts with Metal Cutters Did you know that we make test cuts at our location?  We use our in-house saws for metal cutting to cut material for potential customers.  This means that while the cuts are being made, a video is created for the customer. After that the customer can then review the video […]