Glossary and Terms

Original Saw Glossary and Terms Part 1 There are many terms tossed around the office and plant at Original Saw.  As a woman in manufacturing, I had the distinct “advantage” of knowing nothing about machinery in general.  Lots of times I will say to my fellow male co-workers, “Yeah.  I don’t know what that means.” […]

Packing Up for IWF Atlanta

Packing up a Crosscut Power Saw by Chris and Dave. They wrapped the saw in stretch film. The saw is on a skid so it can be shipped to Atlanta for IWF.

Packing up for IWF, the premiere woodworking show in the wood industry. Do you know when you go on a trip and make that critical list of things to take? Nobody wants to forget all the essential things you need to take to make your trip successful. Usually, your list looks something like this: Toothbrush […]

Meet the Original Saw Team

Employees at Original Saw Company on the showroom steps.

Original Saw Company is a family-owned business that prides itself on the standards and principles important to our family-          integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty. Allen Eden President of Original Saw Company Allen’s father, Robert, purchased the rights to Original Saw Company in 1990. This acquisition was also when Allen’s career began with […]