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Dust Shroud Kit


Equip woodcutting Radial Arm Saws and Beam Saws with a Dust Shroud Kit. On a Radial Arm Saw, the Dust Shroud mounts at the rear of the frame and behind the blade.

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Dust Shroud Kits Reduce Dust and Create a Cleaner Workshop.

Dust control is essential to woodworkers. Use a Dust Shroud Kit when performing tasks that generate significant dust or particulate matter.

The Dust Shroud connects to the back of the frame behind the saw blade and collects dust when the saw makes straight and bevel cuts. This Dust Shroud has a 4″ dust port connection for easy attachment to many dust collection systems. A laser-cut grid covers the port and prevents large pieces of debris from entering the dust collection system during cutting. 

Order a Dust Shroud Kit when a Radial Arm Saw is purchased, or add it later. The kit includes a Dust Shroud, 4) T-Bolts, and a 12″ Aluminum Extrusion.

Reasons to Control Dust

When working with wood, especially when using tools like saws, Dust Shrouds with dust collectors can significantly reduce the amount of sawdust and wood chips released into the air. Dust, especially fine pieces, can be harmful when inhaled, leading to respiratory problems and other health issues. Using a dust shroud with proper filtration helps reduce this risk. A dust shroud helps capture and contain most of this dust, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and keeping your workshop’s air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Woodworking can be messy, and sawdust can quickly gather on surfaces, tools, and equipment. When connected to a dust collector or vacuum system, a Dust Shroud Kit helps keep your workspace cleaner by trapping the dust at its source. Dust reduction means less cleanup time and a more organized and efficient work environment.

Accumulating dust can obscure your vision and make it hard to accurately see your workpiece and cutting lines. A Dust Shroud Kit with a proper dust extraction system keeps the dust from obstructing your view, allowing for better precision and safety during woodworking tasks.

A clean workpiece surface is important for achieving a high-quality finish when working with wood. Dust on the workpiece can affect the adhesion of finishes like paint, stain, or varnish. A Dust Shroud Kit from Original Saw Company helps minimize dust settling on your workpiece, ensuring a smoother and more professional finish.

In some areas, woodworking shops must comply with OSHA regulations that require dust collection systems to limit airborne dust emissions. Using Original Saw Company’s Dust Shroud Kit and a dust collector helps you meet these needs.

In summary, use Dust Shrouds whenever and wherever there is a potential for particulate generation. It not only keeps your workspace cleaner but also helps protect your health and the overall quality of your work. It’s a worthwhile investment for any serious woodworker.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in
Machine Specs

All wood cutting radial arm saws and beam saws can be equipped with a dust shroud.  On a radial arm saw, the dust shroud mounts at the rear of the frame and behind the blade.  Beam saw dust shrouds mount inside the frame.

Product Length (Inches)

Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)

Compatible with

12″ Contractor Duty Radial Arm Saw, 14" Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw, 16″ Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw, 16″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw, 20″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw, 22.5″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw


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