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Miter Saw Stands and Cutting Stations

Miter Saw Stand

What is a Miter Saw Stand?

It is a platform that provides a solid work surface for a miter saw.  It not only gives a miter saw a home, it provides a place for most table top machines.  Its features include:

  • 12 and 14 gauge formed steel
  • Silver powder coat finish on the table top and braces
  • Gloss black powder coat on the legs
  • Original Saw pre-drills 1 1/8″ thick MDF mounting board to mount to the steel table top.  The MDF top allows the saw to attach to the stand.

Who Uses a Miter Saw Stand?

Commercial and industrial settings frequently use this type of stand.  Though used in many industries, you can find them in carpentry shops, cabinet shops, school industrial arts programs, home hobby shops, lumber yards, manufacturing plants and many more settings.

How Do I Make An Efficient Cutting Station?

Original Saw Company’s 15″ wide flat extension tables pair perfectly with the Miter Saw Stand.  This set up is now available as a kit.  Order a Miter Saw Cutting Station Kit and receive a miter saw stand, 2) 4′ (15″ wide) formed steel extension tables, mounting brackets, braces and hardware.

Miter Saw Station with Miter Saw Stand and 2 Flat Extension Tables

Do Measuring Systems Work with Cutting Stations?

Of course!  Measuring systems are made to integrate with extension tables and miter saw stands.  Order a Miter Saw Cutting Station with 2 Measuring Systems as a kit and receive a miter saw stand, 2) 4′ (15″ wide) flat extension tables, 2) 4′ measuring systems, braces, hardware and brackets.

cutting station with flat extension tables and measuring systems

One of the biggest advantages of a cutting station is its flexibility in design.  Choose from flat extension tables or roller extension tables.  Pin together extension tables to create a cutting station that fits your space.  The tables can be used as infeed, outfeed or both.  Measuring systems are manufactured in a variety of lengths to compliment the tables.

Imagine a cutting station in your workshop to increase your efficiency and production.  Contact us for more information.