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Do you need assistance determining the correct saw for your cutting application?

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Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws

20" Super Duty Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw Model 3579-20L

16″ & 20″ Super Duty Series
These Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws are able to do a wide variety of cut off work.  Make cuts through aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, plastics and fiberglass.  Not only can the Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw make straight cuts, it can also do miter cuts, bevel cuts and compound miter cuts.

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22.5" Super Duty Aluminum & Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw

22.5″ Super Duty Series
These huge 900 pound machines are made of cast and ductile iron and heavy gauge steel.  This makes for a vibration free operation.  Our Metal Cutting Saws are much more than radial arm saws.  When combined with optional equipment, they perform a wide variety of cut off work.  These saws sell as a manual or semi-automatic models.

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How Are Original Saw Company’s Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws Different?

  • Original Saw Made Motors

Original Saw Company produces all Metal Cutting Super Duty Series motors in our Northern Iowa facility. Producing our own motors allows us to uphold a high level of quality in our machines.

We produce totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motors.  Cooling ducts move air through the motor laminations to keep them cool.  In addition, the motors are made to keep the internal portion of the motor sealed from dust and contamination. Our motors also have the benefit of an integrated electro-mechanical brake system. Due to this braking system, the saw continues to operate even if the power drops out.

Electronic brake systems cannot compete with the durability or reliability of our electro-mechanical brake systems.

  • Cast Construction

We manufacture Original Saw Company Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws from high-quality heavy cast iron and cast aluminum. These American castings provide a rigid, vibration free cutting platform.  Because of this, the radial arm saw performs many different sawing operations.  As a result of this construction, we can proudly say our machines are the best in the industry. Many machines we produce today will be used for generations.

  • Carriage Control

The Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw  comes standard with a manual chain feed assembly. This feature gives the operator better control of the carriage versus pulling the carriage by hand.

  • “Door Style” Guarding

The exclusive door style guard allows quick and easy blade changes. The guard should be opened only when the blade needs to be changed. This is a very important feature for the ferrous cutting application when frequent blade changes are necessary for optimum cutting performance and safety.

  • T-Slot Aluminum Extruded Table Top

The Metal Cutting Series comes with the standard t-slot aluminum extruded top. This top allows for you to easily attach our aluminum fence, clamping systems, table surface options, as well as your own clamping jigs or cutting fixtures. These all come mounted to a extruded leveling frame for easy leveling of the entire table assembly throughout the life of the machine.