Beam Saws

Why Invest In A Beam Saw from Original Saw Company?

The Horizontal Beam Saw is an important tool to boost production.  Weighing in at 1500 pounds, it is made of cast iron, cast aluminum, box tubing beam and a  steel frame.  Due to its durability, our hefty machine can be used two to three work shifts per day in an industrial setting.

In addition to the many hours this saw can “work”,  it has the ability to make long 64″ cross cuts.  Its powerful motor lets the Beam Saw cut several pieces of material at a time. When the Electronic Powered Cross Feed is added on the Beam Saw, it becomes a semi-automatic machine.

The Beam Saw comes standard with a manual chain crank carriage feed and a T-slot extruded metal table with manual clamps.  Simply push the button to make a cut.

beam saws

Do You Need Test Cuts?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?

Ask about sending in a material sample to Original Saw.  We will cut your material on our shop saw and make a video.  Afterwards, you can review the videoed test cuts and make informed decisions.  Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable with your solutions before your purchase.

Would you like to send us your material?  Email us at customerservice@originalsaw.com or call at (800) 733-4063 to start the process.

What Can A Beam Saw Cut?

This machine is perfect for cutting wood, metal, aluminum, steel and other kinds of materials.

Who Uses A Beam Saw?

They are used by companies that need to make deep and long cuts.  A beam saw can cut up to 64” long and 8” deep.  Features that are important to beam saw owners are power and a variety cutting options.  Due to these features, many of the saws are found in the following industries:  curtain wall, metal roofing, panel production, steel buildings, conceptual model production, canopy manufacturing and logging.

Beam Saw Highlights:

  • 5 hp 1 phase totally enclosed, fan cooled motor on models 3691-01-01
  • 7.5 hp 3 phase totally enclosed, fan cooled motors on models 3691-01-03, 3691-01-05, 3691-01-07
  • Automatic Electro-Mechanical Brake
  • Manual Chain Carriage Feed
  • Magnetic Starter with Low Voltage Controls
  • T-slot Extruded Metal Table
  • Manual Clamping
  • Extruded Aluminum Fence
  • Complete Upper and Lower Blade Guarding
  • Replaceable Track
  • ON/OFF Push Buttons with E-Stop
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame and Legs
  • Wrench Kit

Optional Accessories:

Blade Size16" (406 mm)16" (406 mm)20" (508 mm)22.5" (572 mm)
BrakeAutomatic - MechanicalAutomatic - MechanicalAutomatic - MechanicalAutomatic
Arbor 1" x 2"1" x 2"1" x 2"1" x 2"
Max Cross Cut 1"64" (1626 mm)64" (1626 mm)62" (1575 mm)60" (1524 mm)
Max Cross Cut 4"63" (1600 mm)63" (1600 mm)62" (1575 mm)60" (1524 mm)
Max Cross Cut 6"N/AN/A62" (1575 mm)60" (1524 mm)
Max Depth of Cut5" (127mm)5" (127mm)7" (179 mm)8" (203 mm)
Max Depth of Cut 45 deg2" (50 mm)2" (50 mm)3 1/2" (88 mm)4" (100 mm)
Machine Height62" (1575 mm)62" (1575 mm)64" (1626 mm)65" (1651 mm)
Machine Depth100" (2540 mm)100" (2540 mm)100" (2540 mm)100" (2540 mm)
Table Height34 1/2" (876 mm)34 1/2" (876 mm)34 1/2" (876 mm)34 1/2" (876 mm)
Approximate Shipping Weight1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs
Approximate Shipping Dimensions102X52X48102X52X48102X52X48102X52X48