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Do you need assistance determining the correct saw for your cutting application?

Click below to download the Radial Arm Saw Cut Process Sheet. Fill it out with your cut specific information. Then email or send it to your nearest distributor for assistance.

22.5" Super Duty Metal Cutting Saws

Unmatched Capacity… Aluminum & Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws

The Super Duty Metal Cutting Series is the workhorse of the cutting industry. It is capable of operating 2 to 3 shifts per day.  In addition to doing a wide variety of cut off work, this saw can cut miters, bevels and compound miters. These massive 900 pound machines are made of cast and ductile iron.  Not only does this saw feature vibration free operation, but also a durable full powder coated finish.

The 22.5″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saws utilizes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the arbor motor. Using the VFD increases the speed of the blade over 8 seconds.  Because of the VFD, this saw has a slower, smoother start up.  This is the only saw in this series that uses VFD technology.

To emphasize, our metal cutting saws are much more than radial arm saws.  When combined with optional equipment, they are a platform for a wide variety of cut off work.

22.5" Super Duty Aluminum & Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw

How Do You Operate This Saw?

We offer two types of operation for Super Duty Metal Cutting Saws.  On a standard machine, the operator powers the manual radial arm saw.  The operator pulls the handle and the blade moves forward radially to make the cut.

The other option is a semi-automatic saw.  An electronic powered cross feed is added on the machine to make it semi-automatic.  With the push of a button, the blade will cut through the material.

With years of experience in metal cutting, we can help you choose a machine for your application.  Ask us about clamping, feeding material, and complete automatic sawing packages.

***Please note that the saw pictured in the video has an electronic powered cross feed and pneumatic clamps.  Neither of these options come standard on the saw, but can be added on.

What Can This Radial Arm Saw Cut?

Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws cut materials including aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, plastics and fiberglass. They make several types of cuts.  For example, use this radial arm saw for cross cuts, miters, bevels and compound miter work.

The 3579-22M Radial Arm Saws have a maximum cross cut of 23″.

The 3579-22L Radial Arm Saws feature a longer arm.  Consequently this saw can cross cut 31″.

Both models have an 8″ depth of cut.

Who Uses A Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw?

These Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws are found in a variety of industries.  By and large, these machines are used in extrusion companies, sign manufacturers, aluminum window and door manufacturers, hollow metal door operations, the fenestration industry, and the glass and glazing industry.

The 22.5″ saw has several features that make it unique in the cutting industry:

  • This saw is able to make a 4″ bevel cut.
  • It can cut over sized material.
  • In addition, the radial arm saw can cut a large amount of pieces at once.

What Kind of Blades Should Be Used?

Blade Options for 22.5″ Aluminum and Metal Cutting Saw:

  • 60 tooth carbide tipped blade for PVC
  • 120 tooth carbide tipped blade for aluminum or other non ferrous cutting
  • 300 tooth HSS, generally know as high speed steel, for friction cutting steel

Do You Need Test Cuts On Your Material?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?  Ask about sending in a material sample to Original Saw.  We will cut your material on our shop saw and video the process.  Lastly, you can review the videoed test cuts before you purchase.  Send us an email at customerservice@originalsaw.com or call at (800) 733-4063 to get the process started.

Click below to see a test cut that was done for a customer on a Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw.

Standard Features of Metal & Aluminum Cutting Radial Arm Saws:

  • Totally enclosed fan cooled 7.5 hp 3 phase motors
  • All 3-phase motors are available in 208/230/400/460/575/600 voltages
  • Automatic Blade Brake System
  • Manual Chain Crank Cross Feed
  • Standard lower elevation on the front of the frame
  • Base column lock on all Super Duty models
  • E-Stop
  • Precision carriage riding on 8 double row ball bearings
  • Powder Coated Heavy Gauge Frame and Legs
  • Large Aluminum T-Slot Table
  • Magnetic starter with Low Voltage and Overload Protection
  • Complete Upper and Lower Blade Guards
  • Wrench Pack

Optional Equipment for Metal & Aluminum Cutting:

Advice on Cutting Aluminum and Other Non-Ferrous Materials:

Cutting non-ferrous material such as aluminum, copper and soft brass is done effectively on the Original Saw Metal Cutting Series. Above all, blade choice is an important factor.

First, consider the wall thickness of the material.  Most of the time extruded aluminum is being cut. If the wall thickness is under 1/8”, choose a high speed steel blade with approximately 250 to 300 teeth.  On the other hand, if the wall thickness is 1/8″ or greater, use a carbide tipped non-ferrous blade with a negative 5 degree hook.  Using this type of blade will lower the chance of the blade grabbing the material and will  provide a smooth finish.

Secondly, consider the stiffness and shape of the extrusion.  If your extrusion has a thin wall with a flat area, flex may occur during cutting.  In addition, there is a chance the wall may chatter during cutting.  This can cause the carbide teeth to chip or break if the material is too thin.

Thirdly, in most non-ferrous cutting applications we recommend a mist coolant system The mist coolant system will extend blade life and cut quality will be improved. Not using a mist coolant will allow the blade’s gullets between the teeth to “clog up” with material.  This will require more frequent blade sharpening.

To summarize, look at the wall thickness, stiffness and the shape of the extrusion.  Equally important is choosing the proper blade and considering a mist coolant system.  This will result in quality cuts.

Advice on Cutting Metal and Other Ferrous Material:

Cutting ferrous material, such as steel, can also be done quickly and effectively on Original Saw Metal Cutting machines. Material up to 8 gauge can easily be cut with our high speed steel blades. These blades, which run at 3400 RPM, are friction cutting blades.  They melt the material instead of cutting it.

With this type of cut, the advantage is speed over cut quality.  Because of the friction cutting action, there will be a slight burr.  Even so the cut will be very accurate. Material thickness, speed of the carriage and the type of material are factors that affect the burr size.

Most importantly, mist coolant on ferrous material cutting is prohibited and will make the burr size much larger.

Blade Size22.5" (571 mm)22.5" (571 mm)
Arbor1" x 2"1" x 2"
Maximum Out-RipNo rippingNo ripping
Max Cross Cut 1" Stock23" (584 mm)31" (787 mm)
Max Miter 45 Deg 1" Stock16" (406 mm)21 5/8" (549 mm)
Max Depth of Cut8" (203 mm)8" (203 mm)
Machine Height64" (1626 mm)64" (1626 mm)
Machine Depth51" (1295 mm)59" (1499 mm)
Table Height34 1/2" (876 mm)34 1/2" (876 mm)
Approximate Shipping Weight1000 lbs1000 lbs
Approximate Shipping Dimensions72X52X4872X52X48


Metal Cutting Radial Arm
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Do you need assistance determining the correct saw for your cutting application?

Click below to download the Radial Arm Saw Cut Process Sheet. Fill it out with your cut specific information. Then email or send it to your nearest distributor for assistance.