Wood and Metal Cutting Accessories



Original Saw Company’s Wood and Metal Cutting Accessories are great additions to our line of cutting equipment.

We carry several accessory options of Pneumatic Clamping Systems, Dust Shrouds, Mist Coolant Systems, Electronic Powered Cross Feed Systems and Rip Conversion Kits.


Dust Shroud

Dust Shroud

Can This Help My Dust Problem?

The Dust Shroud connects to the back of the frame behind the saw blade and collects dust when the saw makes straight and bevel cuts.  In fact, this dust shroud has a 4″ dust port connection for easy attachment to many dust collection systems.  During cutting, a laser cut grid covers the port and prevents large pieces of debris from entering the dust collection system.

Which Saws Fit With A Dust Shroud?

All wood cutting radial arm saws and beam saws can be equipped with a dust shroud.  On a radial arm saw, the dust shroud mounts at the rear of the frame and behind the blade.  Beam saw dust shrouds mount inside the frame.

Rip Conversion Kit

12" Rip Conversion Kit

Rip Kit for 12″ Radial Arm Saw

14" and 16" Rip Conversion Kit

Rip Kit for 14″ & 16″ Radial Arm Saw

What is A Rip Conversion Kit?

The Rip Conversion Kit contains attachments and guarding to allow 12”, 14” and 16” wood cutting saw models to rip cut.  First, the motor swivels parallel with the fence.  Next, it enables wide boards to be cut in narrower pieces.


Mist Coolant System

First of All, When Do I Use A Mist Coolant System?

Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws and Beam Saws use Mist Coolant Systems. They provide lubrication when cutting non-ferrous material like aluminum and, most importantly, extend the life of the blade.  Consequently, if a Mist Coolant System isn’t used, aluminum will fill the gullets of the blade and cause inefficient cutting.

How Does A Mist Coolant System Work?

The Mist Coolant System works with a siphon delivery system.  It contains a 7” flexible plastic nozzle, sight gauge and independent air and coolant controls for a variable spray delivery.  Additionally, compressed air and 110 volt power are required for use .

Pneumatic clamps hold the Mist Coolant System in place in order to it make easy to attach or remove the system.  Mist Coolant Systems are an optional feature on all Metal Cutting Super Duty Series Saws and Beam Saws.

Wood and Metal Cutting Accessories

Pneumatic Clamping Systems

Pneumatic clamping system

Why Use A Pneumatic Clamping System?

Pneumatic clamping creates opportunities to make your cutting more efficient.  Two or four cylinder systems allow you to customize how you want to hold the material down.  Original Saw’s Pneumatic Clamping System is a wood and metal cutting accessory.  It integrates with our Heavy Duty Series, Super Duty Wood Cutting Series, Super Duty Metal Cutting Series and Beam Saws to allow for a variety of cutting and clamping options.

What Kind of Clamping Do We Offer?

  • Front pushing clamps make it possible to clamp the material back against the fence.  The front pushing cylinders are mounted on adjustable slide carriages with a locking handle to adjust to any material width.
  • Over fence cylinders clamp the material against the table top and are mounted behind the fence.  To clarify, when material is not clamped, they are fully behind the fence.  This allows for clear loading and unloading of the machine.
  • Combine the front pushing and over fence clamping for a custom clamping system.
  • Overarm clamps hold down multiple pieces.

What Part Number Do I Need?

Pneumatic Clamping System (2 Cylinders, front pushing) 900500-00
Pneumatic Clamping System (4 Cylinders, front pushing and over fence) 900500-01
Pneumatic Clamping System (overarm clamp & front pushing for cutting and clamping multiple pieces of material at one time) 900500-02
Pneumatic Clamping System (2 Cylinders, over fence) 900500-03
Pneumatic Clamping System for 3600 Series Beam Saws (4 Cylinders pressing down, 2 Cylinders front pushing) 900502-05
Pneumatic Clamping System for 3700 Series (2 cylinder) 2003400.50
Pneumatic Clamping System for 3700 Series (4 cylinder) 2003400.52

Electronic Powered Cross Feed

Electronic Powered Cross Feed
Control Panel on Tripod Stand

What’s the Difference Between a Manual Saw and a Semi-Automatic Saw?

When using a manual saw, the user pulls the carriage through the material that is being cut.

When a semi-automatic saw is ordered from our factory, an Electronic Powered Cross Feed option is added to the saw.  If the saw is semi-automatic, the carriage is controlled by the push of a button. The remote mounted control panel contains an arbor motor start/stop station, e-stop, carriage forward and reverse buttons, variable speed adjustments and an on/off lighted selector switch.

The video below shows a Beam Saw with an Electronic Powered Cross Feed and a remote mounted control panel.

Can the Speed and Length of Cut Be Adjusted if My Saw is Semi-Automatic?

Yes!  The length of cut or carriage travel is adjusted by the cam stops.  The Electronic Powered Cross Feed provides the optimum feed rate for the material to be cut.  Most importantly, it assures uniform cuts and maximum utilization of the blade for efficient cutting.