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Do you need assistance determining the correct saw for your cutting application?

Click below to download the Crosscut Power Saw Process Sheet. Fill it out with your cut specific information. Then email or send it to your nearest distributor for assistance.

Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saws. . . Safely Cutting Like No Other Saw

Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saws introduce a new way of cutting.  Featuring an enclosed cutting area, this saw provides the safety you need.  The Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saws can make cross cuts of up to 18″.  Easily make repeatable, straight cuts for many years.

This machine is designed and manufactured in our Northern Iowa facility.  It proudly brings together efficiency, precision and safety.

What Makes the Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saws Different?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, SAFETY FEATURES.  This saw was designed with safety features in mind.

  • Lexan Polycarbonate Enclosed Cutting Area

    Lexan covers the top of the saw.  The totally enclosed cutting area prevents the operator’s hands from getting near the blade.

  • Semi-Automatic Cutting Feature

Push button on the front of the machine use is what makes this Crosscut Power Saw special.  The controls are easily accessible and housed on the front panel of the machine.  Simply clamp the material either manually or pneumatically and push the button.  The blade travels forward under the enclosed Lexan top to cut the material.  The adjustable stops on the right side of the machine control the carriage stroke.  Because of the stops, the blade doesn’t travel farther than needed. Consequently, this time saving feature can increase your production and efficiency.

What Kind of Material Can Be Cut?

A Crosscut Power Saw can easily cut through wood and wood products, composite material and plastic.  Cuts can be made on single boards or stacked boards.

Who Uses a Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saw?

Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saw like these are ideal for pallet shops, lumber yards, schools in addition to many more industries.

Do You Need Test Cuts?

Are you unsure if this machine can cut your material?  Ask about sending your material to Original Saw for sample cuts.  First, we make the cuts in our shop.  A video is recorded while the cuts are being made.  Next, you receive the video of the cuts.  Afterwards, you review the cuts before the purchase.  Send us an email at customerservice@originalsaw.com or call at (800) 733-4063 to start the process.

Any Other Recommendations?

Yes.  We recommend outfitting your saw with our Saw Extension Tables.  These tables provide safe support of your material on the right and left sides.  Saw Extension Tables are available as flat tables or roller tables.  Tables can be joined together to make longer sections.  Plus, Saw Measuring Systems can be added to your saw and tables and, as a result, make a complete cutting station.

Semi-Automatic Crosscut Power Saw Highlights:

  • Manual Clamping
  • Integrated Dust Collection
  • Varied Frequency Drive (VFD) eliminates the the need for a mechanical brake.  It extends the life of the motor and shortens the startup amps.
  • 17 1/4 – 18” Cross Cut (depending on model)
  • Laser Blade Path Line
  • Enclosed Lexan Polycarbonate Cutting Area
  • E-Stop
  • Powder Coated Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame
  • Start/Stop Station
  • Adjustable Cross Cut Length
  • Smooth Running Belt Drive System
  • Wrench Kit
Blade Size14" (356 mm)14" (356 mm)16" (406 mm)20" (508 mm)
HP3.0 hp3.0 hp5.0 hp7.5 hp
Motor phase1 phase3 phase3 phase3 phase
Motor voltage208/230208/230/400/
Arbor1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2"
Carriage driveSemi‐auto DC driveSemi‐auto DC driveSemi‐auto DC driveSemi‐auto DC drive
Crosscut capacity at 1"17 1/4" (438 mm)17 1/4" (438 mm)18" (457 mm)18" (457 mm)
Max Depth of Cut3 1/4" (83 mm)3 1/4" (83 mm)4 1/4" (108 mm)6 3/8" (162 mm)
Machine Height45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)
Machine Depth57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)
Table Height35 1/4 (895 mm)35 1/4 (895 mm)35 1/4 (895 mm)35 1/4 (895 mm)
Approximate Shipping Weight779 lbs779 lbs779 lbs779 lbs
Approximate Shipping Dimensions73X58X6173X58X6173X58X6173X58X61