The Original Saw Product Line


Original Saw offers all the features you would expect from our high-end radial arm wood cutting and metal cutting saws, to our crosscut and beam saw product lines. Original Saw Company is a family owned business that prides itself on the standards and principles that are important to our family – integrity, trustworthiness and honesty.

cross cut saw

Cross Cut Saws

The Cross Cut Saws were developed to safely and effectively cross cut material including wood and wood products, composites and plastics.

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Wood Cutting Radial Arm Saws

These radial arm saws are capable of a wide variety of wood cutting operations including miter cutting, bevel cutting, compound miter work as well as dado operations and can cut off wood that is up to 8″ thick.

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Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saws

These saws are the ultimate workhorse of their industry. Applications include aluminum cutting, steel cutting, as well as miter cuts, bevel cuts and compound miter cuts.

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beam saw

Beam Saws

Our Beam Saw series is constructed of cast iron, cast aluminum, machined structural box tubing beam and heavy welded ‘U’ channel frame. It is capable of cutoff lengths of up to 65” and up to 6.25” deep.

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extension table

Material Handling Flat Extension Tables
Material Handling Roller Extension Tables

Extension Tables can give you the extra material handling space your work area needs.  Use these tables to efficiently move material into or out of your cutting application.

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measuring system

Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems integrate flawlessly with our Roller or Flat Formed Steel Extension Tables to create a complete material handling solution.  Measuring systems are available with a fixed foot style or a flip up foot style.

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Miter Saw Stands and Cutting Stations

Home hobbyists and educational industrial arts programs can’t stop talking about our miter stand.  By combining the miter stand, extension tables and measuring systems, you can build a custom work space for you miter saw.

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clamping system


At Original Saw, we strive to make your life and production line less complicated. By adding accessories such as pneumatic clamping systems, dust shroud, mist coolant, electronic powered cross feed or a rip kit to customize your saw.

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