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Do you need assistance determining the correct saw for your cutting application?

Click below to download the Cross Cut Saw Process Sheet. Fill it out with your cut specific information. Then email or send it to your nearest distributor for assistance.

Manual Cross Cut Series

The Manual Cross Cut Series Saws (models 3710.M, 3715.M, 3720.M, 3725.M) utilize a simple pull-handle on the right side of the machine. To operate, pull the carriage radially ahead to cut through the material.   When the tension on the handle is released, the carriage returns to its home position under the machine shroud.

This saw makes cross cutting made easy. The Cross Cut saw is ideal for pallet shops, lumber yards, schools and many more industries.  These machines can be outfitted with our OS Series extension tables and manual measuring systems for safe support and measuring of your material. Our saws are built in our Northern Iowa facility with American made steel frames and motors. Safely make repeatable, straight cuts for years to come.

Specific Series Highlights:

  • Manual Clamping
  • Integrated Dust Collection
  • Varied Frequency Drive (VFD) eliminates the mechanical brake and prolongs the life of the motor by reducing the startup amps
  • 17 1/4 – 18” Cross Cut (depending on model)
  • Laser Blade Path Line
  • Enclosed Lexan Polycarbonate Covered Cutting Area
  • Powder Coated Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame
  • E-Stop
  • Start/Stop Station
  • Manual Carriage Pull Handle
  • Handle Grip
  • Wrench Kit
Blade Size14" (356 mm)14" (356 mm)16" (406 mm)20" (508 mm)
HP3.0 hp3.0 hp5.0 hp7.5 hp
Motor phase1 phase3 phase3 phase3 phase
Motor voltage208/230208/230/400/
Arbor1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2 3/8"1" x 2"
Carriage driveManualManualManualManual
Crosscut capacity at 1"17 1/4" (438 mm)17 1/4" (438 mm)18" (457 mm)18" (457 mm)
Max Depth of Cut3 1/4" (83 mm)3 1/4" (83 mm)4 1/4" (108 mm)6 3/8" (162 mm)
Machine Height45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)45" (1143 mm)
Machine Depth57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)57" (1448 mm)
Table Height35 1/4" (895 mm)35 1/4" (895 mm)35 1/4" (895 mm)35 1/4" (895 mm)
Approximate Shipping Weight779 lbs779 lbs779 lbs779 lbs
Approximate Shipping Dimensions73X58X6173X58X6173X58X6173X58X61