Who Are We?

The Original Saw Family


See these people above?  They are our “work family”.  These are the people that CHOOSE to come to Original Saw Company and make work not so much work. They walk in the door and wear many hats, such as motor winders, service technicians, customer service reps, the boss, the production manager, engineers, accountants, logistics coordinators, marketing and sales reps, etc., but who are they really?  Their loves and passions include these important positions – parents, coaches, an EMT, grandparents, a pastor, race car drivers, a military wife, a firefighter, a barber, spouses, etc.  Original Saw Company is fortunate to call these people “work family”.

What are we?

Original Saw Company manufactures American made wood and metal working equipment.  Our signature line includes:

  • Radial arm saws – We feature 3 series of machines in 24 different models.  These machines have the capability to cut wood or metal, depending on the series.
  • Cut off saws– Our cut off saws feature a covered cutting surface and are ideal for increased safety.  These machines make straight cuts through wood only.
  • Beam saws – These are our largest saws and feature a long cross cut, combined with a large depth of cut.
  • Accessories – We carry a full line of accessories for all your cutting station needs.  This includes miter saw stands, roller extension tables, formed steel extension tables and measuring systems.

When were we established?

In 1989, Robert Eden purchase Jones Machinery Company in Des Moines, IA, and moved the company to Britt, IA.  Jones Machinery Company serviced and sold parts for various machinery, but primarily radial arm saws manufactured by Lancaster Machinery.  Soon after Robert had acquired Jones Machinery, Lancaster Machinery was put up for sale.  Realizing that Jones Machinery depended on the livelihood of Lancaster Machinery, Robert seized the opportunity to purchase the remaining inventory and rights to the business.

At that point, Original Saw Company was born.

The first radial arm saw was invented and patented in 1922 by Raymond DeWalt.  When Lancaster Machinery purchase the rights to the radial arm saw, they coined the phrase “The Original” Radial Arm Saw. They wanted customers to know that the same standard and dependability of a radial arm saw would still be produced, only now it would be manufactured under the Lancaster Machinery name.  When Robert and Laurie purchased Lancaster Machinery, it only made sense for them to rename their new company Original Saw Company.

At the time, Robert’s son, Allen, was attending the University of Northern Iowa.  While in college, Allen got his feet wet by making various sales visits in the area.  After graduating in 1993 with a marketing degree, Robert invited Allen to join the company full time.  Father and son ran the business together until 2002, when Allen took over as President.

Robert and Allen show off the first 12″ Contractor Duty saw built at Original Saw Company.


Where are we located?

Original Saw Company is located where the corn grows tall, we celebrate Hobo Days and is smack dab in the middle of the heartland… in Britt, Iowa.

Britt, Iowa

What Do We Believe In?

Original Saw Company believes in a high quality, American made product.

Original Saw Company believes in manufacturing and the strength it builds for communities.

Original Saw Company believes in customers looking for a solutions and employees that provide the solution.