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October 2015
US Manufacturers Dealer Training Event
Ham Lake, MN –
Safety Speed Manufacturing is pleased to announce that six US Manufacturers joined forces for a special Dealer Training Event on October 13th-15th.  Multiple attendees from fifteen different machinery dealers across North America attended the training.  The event was sponsored by six WMMA companies: Safety Speed Mfg, SuperMax Tools, Original Saw, JLT Clamps, Williams & Hussey and Unique Machinery.   The event was a total of three days with evening events including dinners and a comedian/magic show.  Each attendee had a chance to tour two different facilities, Safety Speed Mfg.  and SuperMax Tools.   With sponsors machines setup onsite attendees were able to get hands on training from each manufacturer represented.  
Special guest speakers included United States Representative Tom Emmer who spoke about the issues he is currently facing in Washington DC and finished by fielding questions from the audience.  Jamison Scott, President of Air Handling Systems spoke about combustible dust and how to become educated on the prevention of combustible dust explosions as well as mitigating impact of government inspections related to combustible dust.

The new Ty 7 Contractor Series is out!

We have updated our tried and true 3512 Contractor Duty
Series with a Ty 7 release.

This update includes the following: new upper and lower guard assembly with plastic lower guard sections for better coverage, new anti-kickback and hold down roller assembly, and a new heavier duty table assembly, and a new improved yoke assembly that allows for better miter cut positioning at odd angles. See 12" Contractor Duty page for photos and full specifications.


The 22" series is now using VFD technology!


The new release Type 9 version of the 22” Super Duty improves on a very stable cutting platform. The new release now uses a Variable Frequency Drive to power the arbor motor. This 22” Super Duty Series has a blade capacity of 22” and a cutting capacity of 8” deep in a single pass. This series differs from the standard Super Duty series by the addition of a variable frequency drive, and a manual chain carriage feed attachment. Another differences is the lack of a yoke clamp handle, as these machines do not the have the ability to swivel into a rip position. All other operations are the same as the standard series.

These machines are also capable of operation in an industrial environment operating in a 2—3 shift per day atmosphere. They are found in log home manufacturing facilities, manufacturing plants, anywhere large material or a large volume of pieces at a time are needing to be cut, bevel cut, or
miter cut.

These massive 950 pound machines are constructed of cast and ductile iron for smooth, vibration free operation. The entire Super Duty Series is better than ever with its improved finish, more durable powder coated castings and heavy steel frame. This machine, coupled with our new release power carriage feed accessories, make the machine a semi-automatic platform capable of a wide variety of production cutting operations.




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